I'm back, as Taggart used to say

After six years absence we're back in business: Britain's 54mm lead-alloy hollow cast figures, soldiers, civilians, farms and zoos; militaria, a small remaining selection of WW11 artifacts; medals, WW11, War Medals and repro WW11 German decorations; Tradition and Armies and Weapons military prints; Soldiers Soldiers, lead-alloy 54mm figures made in the 1970s; postcards, military, UK and Italian topographical; and a huge collection of postage stamps on and off covers.

The Soldier's Soldiers range of some 350 different castings, were originally manufactured by the Soldier Shop in Lambeth, near the Imperial War Museum. Soldiers made by Soldiers, hence Soldier's Soldiers. With the addition of an assortment of arms, and a variety of paint jobs some 2000 different sets were eventually produced. Sets of eight, singles, uniforms 1880s to 1960s as well as variety of vignettes.

Some 500 Victorian illustrations from contemporary artists: Lady Butler, Harry Payne, Ogden, Marion, Richard Simkin and many others. Colour and black and white originals, high-res scans, museum quality prints and 100 year old hand-coloured military artwork.

Now that we're back we'll be glad to hear from you. Or if you're passing Rugby, call in for a cup of tea ans a biscuit.......or two.

For more information and to see pictures of what we have look through the whole website Soldiers Soldiers.


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