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55 days in Peking - 3 of 3

Representative forces: Soldier’s Soldiers: British Infantry in Colonial Helmets, British Navy in straw hats, Royal Marines, Russian Infantry, French Infantry, Prussian Uhlans, Japanese band, US Doughboys, US Navy, British Lancers, and Indian and Australian Army personnel.    Britain’s figures: US Navy, US Doughboys, Japanese infantry, British Lancers

55 Days in Peking - 2 of 3

The Background: The Eight-Nation Alliance   was an international military  coalition   set up in response to the  Boxer Rebellion   in  China .     In the summer of 1900, the  international legations   in  Beijing   were besieged by Boxer rebels supported by the Qing government, the coalition dispatched their armed forces, to defend their respective nations' citizens, t he incident ended with a coalition victory and the signing of the  Boxer Protocol .

55 Days in Peking - 1 of 3

The Film: During the 1900 Boxer Rebellion against foreign ers, missionaries, ambassadors and businessmen, in China, U.S. Marine Major Matt Lewis, (Heston) aided by British Consul Sir Arthur Robertson (Niven) , devise a strategy to keep the rebels at bay until an international military relief force arrives. The first united nations action, w onderful “Boy’s Own“ stuff. Lieutenant  Georg Ludwig von Trapp , he of   The Sound of Music , was decorated for bravery during the action .